30 August 2012

Stegmaier - Porter (New Packaging)

Here’s a peek at the new 12oz bottle label fro Stegmaier Porter.  This classic Stegmaier offering comes in at 5.6% ABV and no before you ask there is no reason to think there is a recipe change…just a new package. 


Lee Botschaner said...

Not sure I agree about whether or not there is a recipe change, Mr. Mybeerbuzz. The new Steg porter label says 5.6% abv while the lion website (with the old label) says 5.4%. So I think something must have changed.

mybeerbuzz said...

True Lee and we did note that, however Leo does indicate there is no recipe change. I suspect there may be some distinction between recipe/flavor/feel/taste and recipe/yield. Technically I'll give you that something change to get the .2 difference in ABV.