17 February 2012

Stegmaier - Honeysuckle Ale

I’ve been hearing rumors of this beer for months so it’s exciting to finally see the label.  Today we have Stegmaier  Honeysuckle Ale or is it “Honey Suckle Ale?”  This new malt beverage brewed with honey & spices appears to be the new Stegmaier spring seasonal we’ve been waiting to hear about..  From what I’m hearing, this beer is brewed with orange blossom honey, orange peel, lemon zest, and coriander so it should be interesting.

16 February 2012

Lion Brewery - Arooga Light Beer

Here’s an interesting new brew from our friends at Lion Brewery that is brewed for Arooga’s Liquid Assets Brewing Co called Arooga Light Beer (120 calories).  This is a keg-only release that I suspect is for Arooga’s Grille House from the Harrisburg area.  Their website says the Arooga Light is brewed in Harrisburg, so this appears to be a recent move.

02 February 2012

Boner - Beach Wheat

With Friday on the horizon, what would Thursday be with out a good Boner Beach Wheat?  Coming out of Lion Brewery we brought you their Sun Kissed Wheat and even the funny news of their lawsuits…but here they are again today with Boner Beer Belgian-Style Beach Wheat.  Despite this looking like a can label, it does appear to be a 12oz bottle…and it of course has a “touch” of coconut.