17 August 2011

Lion Brewery–FIX 1864 Special Lager

Here’s your first look at a new contract brew from our friends at Lion Brewery called FIX 1864 Special lager…”Traditional Beer of Greece (yes Greece) Since 1864 – "The Beer that Became a Legend.  Fix the national beer of Greece, is now brewed under a special license by one of North America’s most honored regional brewers….FIX U.S.A., Wilkes-Barre, PA”

04 August 2011

Lion Brewery Stegmaier Winter Warmer

We’ve been bringing you all of the new Lion Brewery Simagetegmaier Labels (clicky here)…and today we have the new Winter Warmer label.  Looks like it will remain at 7.8% ABV and be packaged in 12oz bottles.

03 August 2011

Stegmaier Brewing River Regatta - 1970

Thank you to Stashu Milski for sending another great photo.  Today we have a photo from the first annual river regatta sponsored by Stegmaier Brewing, Sunday May 3rd 1970….Under the direction of the Business Administration Club of Kings College. Start West Pittston PA. End Nesbitt Park Kingston,PA.

OK buzzers….who can put some names on some faces in this photo???