08 May 2010

Stegmaier IPA & Pale Ale

StegIPAPale As promised here’s a sneak peek at the packaging for the NEW Stegmaier IPA and Pale Ale.  These will be reaching distributors on Monday May 10th so you should see them in your area sometime shortly thereafter….and I can tell you they both taste great.

In this initial run, the IPA and Pale Ale will only be available as part of the Stegmaier variety pack with Stegmaier White and Stegmaier Amber,  Expect the price at most distributors to be under $25 (your mileage may vary) and in the next run of Stegmaier IPA and Pale Ale, expect to see them sold separately in cases and not just in the variety pack.

I’ve followed these beers from their inception last fall, through testing and brewing and finally to packaging, so for me personally it is very exciting to see the end result.  Cheer to everyone at Lion for producing two quality beers!

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