06 May 2010

Chip the Beer Guy – Lion Brewery

StegIPAbMar2010 Today’s show featured Leo Orlandini and Darel Mathews from Lion brewery.  For those that have followed along on mybeerbuzz, you’ll know we broke the news back in Nov about the upcoming release of Stegmaier IPA and Pale Ale, and we’re excited to see it hit the market.  The new packaging looks great (I’ll post up some photos tomorrow), and the new variety pack also looks great too…and as you can see in the post below, there are some other details about the release dates and the variety pack contents.

It’s not your grandfather’s Stegmaier anymore and the guys are proud to make a point of that….although the heritage of Stegmaier brewing does continue on.  Cheers guys and congratulations on the new beer release.  The photo above is an exclusive picture of the IPA being brewed from our initial announcement….check out the hop bill.

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