04 March 2010

Lion Brewery – Stegmaier IPA In The Tank

StegIPAcMar2010 StegIPAbMar2010

As promised, your daily “fix” of Stegmaier IPA info.  The guys tell me Stegmaier IPA is resting comfortably in Tank 25.  Codenamed “Reaper” this brew has 400lbs of hops and finished out at 17-degrees plato and 105.9 IBU, but keep in mind this will likely wind up around 75-85 IBS in the finished beer.  The basic recipe includes light crystal, Munich and wheat malt with bittering hops from Galena and Centennial and a MASSIVE late-hop addition courtesy of Cascade & Nugget.  This is by far the largest hop bill the Lion has EVER had for one recipe and keep in mind this is a small batch of only 200 barrels.  To quote the guys…”It was awesome...leaving work today, the entire Valley smelled like hops!”

It’s my understanding there is some debate about the release of the IPA and Stegmaier Pale Ale timing.  Te intent was to formulate both beers to compliment each other with the IPA being the big beer for dedicated hopheads and the Pale Ale being for those whose palate can’t necessarily embrace the IPA.  The Pale Ale will be a true session beer coming in at around 4.5% ABV, but with a very clean hop-centric character that allows you to enjoy 5 maybe 6 crisp clean hoppy beers…and still get to work the next day.

More updates to come and if all goes well…maybe even some samples in April….Stay tuned and feel free to scour the photos for any secret details. 

You guys excited yet??

03 March 2010

Lion Brewery New Beers and Exciting News (IPA, Pale Ale and Yes Summer Stock Lager)

LionWebLogo I’ve been waiting quite a while to get the opportunity to post this VERY exciting news coming out of Lion Brewery and there is a LOT to tell.  Things are changing at Lion and changing in a way that will make our local craft beer lovers VERY happy.

First, beginning at 4PM tomorrow (3/4) an ALL NEW Stegmaier IPA will be brewed; and early next week an ALL NEW Stegmaier Pale Ale will be in the tanks.  These are completely new recipes and not related to Pocono Pale Ale, in fact this signals the end of Pocono Pale Ale.  This is incredibly exciting so stay tuned later this week for all of the details (IBU, hop & malt varieties and even some photos.)  Also stay tuned here for periodic updates as the beer ferments.

Next Stegmaier Blueberry Wheat has been mini-brewed in the Sabco system using a Kolsch Recipe created by Greg Reid (one of Lion’s resident QA/lab tech/beer geeks.)  It’s also my understanding this was neck & neck with a recipe developed by Ray Buchman (Brewing Supervisor) and the decision was made for pure logistics and both base wheat beers were fantastic.


Here’s the sentence MANY local beer lovers have been waiting for…Hops have been ordered for the brewing of Summer Stock Lager (YES it’s coming back!)

Experimentation is also underway on the Sabco system for a fall pumpkin beer  and there’s even a long shot possibility for a Brewmasters Choice-type of series where once a year one of the Brewmasters brews a special beer.

So here’s the thing.  Lion Brewery can’t do this alone.  This is a major shift in the marketing and name of Stegmaier, and an incredible positive shift in brewing for our local craft beer lovers from our local brewery.  The guys at Lion tell me they have taken it as a personal challenge to change the paradigm at Lion and “to have the Lion Brewery seen as the world-class brewery it is, brewing world-class beers that stand up to the scrutiny of world-class beer geeks.”

The bad news is I’m already hearing that some of our local distributors are hesitant to pick up the new line of beers from Stegmaier, so WE need to intervene.  The first batch of these beer will be a VERY limited run.  I can’t stress how incredibly important it is for us to ask our local distributors for Stegmaier IPA and Stegmaier Pale Ale.  If you like it, you want it and you want Lion to keep brewing….Ask For It!  We’ve been asking Lion to be experimental and we’ve been asking Lion to brew craft beers.  Now it’s time for us to step up and request it.  This is not hype or a sales pitch.  Only our demand will drive these beers in the future.

Finally a well deserved cheers to Leo, Bob, Darel, Greg and Ray  for creating some new and exciting beers, and to Cliff for standing behind them…Tune in tomorrow for more details.