26 November 2009

Lion Brewery - The End of 16oz Returnable Production (The Movie)


I put together a quick movie so you can all experience what the Lion Brewery soaker macine and bottling lines are like in action and so you can all get a peek at the last day of 16oz returnable bottle production at Lion Brewery. As I said Monday, this is a very historical event and one I'm excited to be a part of. Thanks again guys.

25 November 2009

Lion Brewery - Sabco System

DSC07526 I know I mentioned a few months ago that Lion Brewery purchased a Sabco Brewing system to test and prepare for different brewing opportunities.  On my visit Monday, I had the opportunity to snap a quick photo for all of my readers to see.  So check it out….

24 November 2009

Lion Brewery – Stegmaier IPA?

DSC07525 As part of my trip to Lion Brewery yesterday, the guys were nice enough to share a sample of a test beer.  Keep in mind this is VERY preliminary, and there are certainly no definite plans, names or recipes firmly in place…but I believe the beer I sampled yesterday will eventually in some format become a new beer to be sold under the Stegmaier label as Stegmaier IPA.  Again I remind you all how preliminary this news is, but very exciting to see Lion Brewery dipping their toes more and more into the craft beer market.  I’m also very excited to see the Stegmaier name be possibly gaining more and more marketing support.  Stegmaier has always been a historical local brewery line and for me a line that speaks of history and relevance in today’s market.  I’m hoping local beer drinkers get more and more opportunities to share in this history and drink from the same label that their fathers and grandfathers have enjoyed for decades.  No matter what decisions are made, I think this is a wonderful move by everyone at Lion Brewery.

23 November 2009

Lion Brewery to End 16oz Returnable Production

I was lucky enough to be invited down this afternoon to witness the end of an era at Lion Brewery.  As of the end of today’s production schedule, Lion is ceasing the use of 16oz returnable bottles.  It was exciting to see the last batch of bottles going through the soaker, and the last batch of bottles being filled with Stoney’s Beer.  It’s always an amazing trip inside the Lion Brewery, but I was lucky enough to see the soaker in action.  As Darel put it, the soaker is an amazing Rube Godberg-type machine that cleans bottles, removes old labels and prepares them for filling.  This machine is the size of a house and has been in action since 1964 at the Lion.  It was incredible to witness the giant gears, shafts and arms and the soaker swallows empty bottles and kicks out sparkling clean bottles.

After today, the Lion will begin bottling in 12oz non-returnable bottles.  The soaker will eventually be removed, the line changed and even a building addition will be added to allow Lion to implement a canning line in the future, so stay tuned for details on that.

The photos below show 1) The used bottles being organized to go into the soaker, 2) The bottles being loaded into the soaker chains, 3) the bottles entering the soaker, 4) The clean bottles exiting the soaker, 5) the back of the filling line before the pasteurizer, and 6) the bottling lines running the last of the 16oz returnables-- Stoney’s Beer .

Returnable bottles go way back for the Lion Brewery so it is certainly a historical day for local brewing.  Thank you to Darel and the rest of the guys at Lion for inviting me down to witness it for myself.

**As an added bonus…be SURE to tune in tomorrow for some more exciting news from Lion.

 DSC07511  DSC07513
 DSC07515 DSC07520 
 DSC07521 DSC07522

19 November 2009

Lion Brewery – The History

LionBreweryStegmaierLauterTun This photo is incredible and shows the ornate detail of the Stegmaier Brewery Lauter Tun.  In a modern brewery the Lauter Ttun is an industrial functional piece of working equipment.  Back in these days, it was more that than…MUCH more than that.  Thanks Leo.

18 November 2009

Lion Brewery – The History


Today's old (and very cool) photo comes to us from the Stegmaier Brewery circa 1950’s and shows the Cooker & Masher.  What a great photo.

PCNTV Tours Lion Brewery – New Air Date

MBAALionNov2008 050Leo tells me the PCNTV Tours program from Lion Brewery has been moved to December 27th.  Please check your local listings.

11 November 2009

Lion Brewery – The History

 LionBreweryHopRoomStegmaierBrewery Here’s the first of what I hope to be a series of “historical” and incredibly cool photos from the Lion Brewery courtesy of Leo.  This photo shows the “Hop Room” from the old Stegmaier Brewery.

02 November 2009

PCNTV Tours – Lion Brewery

MBAALionNov2008 019 I’ve just heard from Leo, according to PCN the PNC Tours @ Lion Brewery will air on Sunday Dec 13th at 8PM.  Whether you’ve been lucky enough to tour the Lion Brewery or not, this should be a great program to watch.  Thanks Leo.