28 October 2009

Lion Brewery – Barrel Aged Stegmaier Holiday Warmer

MBAALionNov2008 016CensoredI’ve got some great news for lovers of our local holiday ale.  The guys at Lion Brewery are working on this years Holiday Warmer reserve barrel aged ale…and it’s in the barrel!  This years brew starts with the aged 2008 Holiday Warmer, and will be split in two barrels.  The first will be straight oak aged warmer, but the 2nd will be re-pitched with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis yeast and aged for another 6 to 8 weeks in a barrel.  This should make for some interesting brews so stay tuned here for further details.  And speaking of aged warmer, don;t forget that Kern Brother’s in Dallas has a VERY limited quantity of 2008 aged Holiday Warmer, just released last week by Lion.

21 October 2009

Lion Brewery – Vintage 2008 Holiday Warmer

StegHolidayWarmer I’ve just heard from Leo…turns out Lion Brewery held and aged some of their 2008 Stegmaier Holiday Warmer for release this year.  Leo tells me there is a VERY limited quantity available at Kern Brothers in the Dallas Shopping Center (Rt 309 near Friendly’s).  If this isn’t good enough news, Leo tells me the price will be right around $20 a case!  I’ve spoken to several people, including Leo who all tell me it tastes fantastic….and at that price, it’s a steal.

04 October 2009

Lion Brewery – PCN TV (Airing Nov 1st)

MBAALionNov2008 026 I' just heard from Leo and he tells me that PCN was at the Lion Brewery filming an upcoming episode of their PCN Tours program featuring Leo Orlandini and the Lion Brewery. I’ll let you know when I have air-time details for the program so stay tuned. Anyone that knows the Lion Brewing facilities knows that this should be a lot of fun to watch.