19 June 2008

Stegmaier Midsummer White Available...

Stegmaier Midsummer White is now available in cases from Plaza Beverage. (Click HERE to go to the Plaza Beverage page.)

Stay tuned for more details from Lion on where their brews are available!

UPDATE: Wegman's in Wilkes-Barre is now carrying sixers of Midsummer White.
New UPDATE: Coopers in Pittston has Midsummer White on Draft

Further UPDATE: Dugan's now has Midsummer White on draft also. (Make that HAD---Midsummer White kicked @ Dugan's on 6/11)

Further further UPDATE: Plaza beverage has Midsummer White in cases.


ClockworkOrange said...

Any chance of getting the local Wegmans locations to participate in the site? Do they have a dedicated beer/beverage dept. manager like the NY stores?


mybeerbuzz said...

I'll check....not a bad idea. I suspect from a corporate level they may not want to participate, but perhaps an employee would want to participate.

stingo said...

Check with Marty's Blue Room in Nanticoke - they always have Lion products on, and the food is great there too. Parking? Not so much.